Very few people understand that BECAUSE someone is having Mental Health Problems they MUST already be quite advanced and in the words of Dr. Malidoma SOMÉ :-

"...., mental illness signals "the birth of a healer," ....."

The Fatal Flaws with "mainstream" Psychiatry"* -

* "mainstream Psychiatry" is defined as when the
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award-winning Medical Journalist

My understanding is that any Drug interferes with this DEVELOPMENT in any being so using them may create more problems than they 'solve' - i.e. the "revolving door syndrome" - if you give someone an antipsychotic drug it actually alters the patient's brain - changes their brain's architecture*, so making it more difficult to recover and hence the patient is more likely to return for more 'treatment'!
* view Robert WHITAKER's - Part 1: The Roots @ the 21:45 minute Mark onwards

"the BENEFITS of Mental Illness"

Few people understand, and even fewer openly advertise, that Mental Illness is actually a VERY EMPOWERING EXPERIENCE.. The Sufferer BENEFITS fantastically! The Mind is being SUPER-CHARGED and Mental Illness should be called Shaman's-Sickness because it takes some time for the person to manage the upgrade. A whole web-site, independent from me, has been devoted to the belief that Mental Illness Development is in reality a FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY. and this attitude is indicated its domain name SUCCESSFUL Schizophrenia.!